Saturday, November 1, 2008

I wonder why you are so afraid to give other person a chance to love you but so easy to give a try to the person that once, twice, always gives you a heartbreak.

Just now, I realized that my last post was about the Microsoft Certification Exam we took last week. I must say that it was really a success. Most of us passed. Last Saturday, my SD friends took their Certification Exams at DBWizards and just like us, they did well. They also passed. Congrats Dyei, Julius and Pabear!

Last Sunday, my ninong went back to Canada already. That's why last Saturday, we bonded like hell. He might come back and by that time, he'll bring with him Ninang Joan, Jan, Ken, Jiselle and Jana. I can't wait, as in. Hopefully, that vacation would happen this Christmas. Its been ages since they last celebrated Christmas here and it would be really memorable if they would.

Last Monday, I went to school to request for the true copy of grade which is actually a requirement for our On the Job Training. Only Joanne and I went to school because my friends didn't know that we'll go there. It's not that we want to keep it, but everytime we send group message, no one bothers to reply. It is really annoying. After that, we stayed in the Colegio for a little while until we decided to stroll at SM Manila. We ate first at everyone's favorite fastfood chain, McDonald's. She bought a pair of headset at PC Corner. Then we strolled and checked out some gadgets like PC, Laptop, Cellphone, iPod and DigiCam. Actually, what we always do in SM Manila if we don't feel like playing in Worlds of Fun and Quantum or singing in Popstar, we check for gadgets there. What do you expect from IT students? I always visit the desktop computer I want to acquire which is the HP A4460D. I'm really clueless what to buy first because there's a lot of things I want to have. Hay. Still undecided.

My Wishlist:
* HP A4460D
* Laptop Vaio
* Sony Cybershot DSC-T700
* External Hard Disk
* and a lot more

Last Thursday, I was out to Quiapo with mom and Ian. We had to buy a new analog for my brother's PSP. Good thing, Ian was really heading to Quiapo that day to buy MMC for his PSP, I guess. We met at SM Carriedo. Supposedly, I had to go there by myself and meet Ian but because I am not familiar with the place (even though I'm a Manila girl), I had to bring my mom with me. I am not used to going to that place, really. We headed to a mall near the church where you can see PSPs and cellphones everywhere. Fortunately, we found the thing that we needed.

After that, Ian brought us to the place where we can found lots of Hello Kitty items. Knowing me, I am really big fan of that super cutie cat. Ever since I was just a little girl, I am into it. In fact, I'm a collector. I bought a pair of slippers to be used for tomorrow's swimming party. I was really amazed. I might go back to buy more.

We had our merienda at Greenwich. It was a fun moment, a total bonding moment, indeed. We chatted and talked non-stop. I didn't expect that my mom and Ian would really get along pretty well. They shared stories. My mom even shared strange things about me that I'm keeping all these years. Oh well, at least, he knows a lot of things about me already. That bonding moment was really exceptional. We separated ways after we ate. He had to ride the LRT while my mom and I had to ride a jeepney.

By the way, my relatives in the States are here for a vacation. We have lots of balikbayans. And tomorrow, we will be having a swimming party for Claudine's 11th Birthday. Theme: Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds Party