Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You can tell if that person is someone special because no matter what kind of mood you are in, that person can always manage to make you smile.

Last Saturday, a godfather of mine, who happens to live in Canada, surprised us with his presence. He'll be staying here until the 26th. His eldest son, Jan, came here for a vacation last August if you could still remember. To let you know, Ninong Celso is one heck of a jolly and cheerful person. He has lots of jokes to share and laughs so loud. It is really fun to be with him.

Last Sunday, we participated in the annual La Naval Procession. Some of my friends and I met up at 7-11 near Park and Ride. Our calltime was at 2pm because our original plan was to pass the paper given to us early and then sneak. Most of them arrived late and we left at around 3pm. Good thing, it only took us 30 minutes to reach Sto. Domingo Church. We went directly to BDO, beside KFC because that was our meeting place according to our professor. We already saw Niko, Gian, Jl and Eunice waiting there. Our supposed plan was changed because according to our professor, he will only accept papers at around 5pm and that we should let the procession start first.

We waited for the procession to start and then follow San Vicente Liem dela Paz. We were able to see our professor and he accepted our papers right away. The boys (Niko, Ian, Rex) didn't join the procession instead they stayed in McDonald's near the church. While we, the girls, decided to join since it was our last. We had bonding moment with Dyei, Paul and Julius.

After that, we went to McDo to fetch the boys. They had to go to Rex's crib to play basketball that's why we decided to stroll at Trinoma. As we reached Trinoma, we ate first and then received a message coming from JL that their supposed game was cancelled. He just followed us in Trinoma but I didn't have any idea about the rest of the boys. After we ate, we strolled and took pictures. It was fun, I swear. We also checked some gadgets and I really want to buy a new desktop computer. But I'm still undecided because I also want a new digital camera as a graduation gift. Help me decide, friends. I really want both. La Naval Procession

Anyway, I started studying for the 2nd certification exam. We are scheduled to take it on the 23rd. I am nervous because by this time there will be no second shot. I have to give my best. I wanna pass, as in. This afternoon, we went to SM San Lazaro to shop. We dropped buy first at Starbucks to buy some drinks then later on, strolled. It was tiring.

I think, I'll end my post right here. I have to finish the 3rd Module of my MOC. I want to watch a movie. I miss the movie house. Hahaha :)