Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's better to just quietly miss someone rather than let him know and just get no response.

Finally, I've got a new layout here. Oh yeah, I missed Photoshop-ping a lot and it is really a fulfillment that after how many months of not using that program, I was able to use it once more.

The theme is obviously Chillax Crew, the barkada where I truly belong aside from Thine Iced, of course. You see my main image? Isn't that cute? If you could only see my friends in person, you'll be surprised of how those pictures resemble them. Credits to my friend, Cha, for that super amazing and fascinating artwork.

By the way, the pic above was taken at the Walls of Intramuros after attending an IT Seminar. The seminar ended early so we decided to stay there for a while. Fun moments with friends once more.

Anyway, our final defense is just a week away from now and I'm starting to feel the nerves. This time, it is going to be harder. There's no room for consideration, I guess. I'm really nervous with our documents. It is one thing that I'm really worried about. We already finished doing the Chpaters 1-5. Kudos for that! Our adviser checked it already and we need to revise some parts. At least, we're already done with that and all we need to do now is to revise and edit. But still, there is a line up of tasks regarding our thesis that we still need to accomplish like the appendices, technical manual and miniature. And also, we have this what we call mock defense next week once our adviser approves our documents.

Busy days will still continue until next week. I know we really have to give our best shot on our final defense. Actually, we're not asking for a very high grade, what we need is a passing grade. What I need to do starting now is to study and master our thesis because I know lots of questions will be asked on us by our panelists. I hope on the 13th of September, our panelists will be nicer. How I really wish.

In just few days, I'll be turning older and still, I really can't believe. How time flies. I just can't feel that I'm already 19 years old. I still remember how stressed I was when we were planning for my debut party but look at now, its been a year since I celebrated one of the most memorable events in my life. That night was indeed full of blissful memories that I'm going to treasure for the rest of my life. I'm not planning for a big celebration but instead, I'm going to invite few friends to come over and just have fun. Hopefully, it won't rain. It's Mama Mary's birthday, as well.

I badly want a break. Sembreak, what's taking you so long?