Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sometimes the people who are afraid of having commitment are the persons who know the real meaning of it.

Saturday (09/13/08) was the judgment day for all fourth year IT students of Letran as we went through the very nerve wracking final defense. My group was scheduled at 11am and yet, we were able to defend our thesis at around 4pm.

We were nervous, as usual. We were panicking because of the devices and equipments that we need for the actual presentation. Good thing, everything went so well. When we entered the room, it was filled with silence. My hands were cold then. We started the presentation and yet, the panel didn't let us finish our powerpoint presentation. Instead, we proceeded to the question and answer portion.

They threw a lot of questions and fortunately, we were able to answer them all. And the panelists were really nice to ours compared to the previous groups. We went out the room since they'll be having a deliberation. We were so confident that we will pass because we did answer all the questions correctly.

We entered the room and they began to talk about how satisfied they were and that our thesis was acceptable. Thus, we got a no revision verdict. It was really unexpected. I never thought that we would get such rating. All of our hardworks paid off. Thank you Lord. The rosary and the prayer are really powerful. We prayed before we started the defense. I think God really guided us all throughout the process.

My friends did pass too. Yey for us! I know we gave our best and it all paid off. I just can't help but smile.

The celebration for the success of our thesis was held at Rex's crib. Surprisingly, my mom allowed me to stay overnight there. It was indeed fun though there were some complicated things happened still, I enjoyed it so much. I didn't drink. Rex and Ian didn't allow me to.

My friends look funny when they're drunk. They made fun out of each other. They made fun of me. But it was an inuman session I could never forget. We slept at 5am and I woke up at 7am then went home at 7:30am.

I need to rest already. My eyes are beginning to close.