Sunday, March 6, 2011

Boring Weekend.

The week that has passed was really exhausting for me. The supposed deadline of my task was on Friday but due to some changes, it was moved to sometime this week. I stayed quite long in the office and even used my lunchtime just to be able to finish it. I only have one test condition left then I am off for a review.

My weekend was not a blast or exciting. I just stayed all day yesterday and caught up with the episodes of the three series I missed. The Vampire Diaries gets more and more exciting. I watched four episodes of Gossip Girl. I missed out a lot. Good thing, yesterday was more of a free day for me.

I also watched last night A Little Thing Called Love. It was a good movie, I must say. The lead guy character is cute so as the female lead. It has a light story that everyone can relate, I guess. And I even cried on the part that the girl was confessing her feelings to the guy. I can feel her pain, swear. But when the movie has come to its end, I was like, "that was it?". I was really asking for more and wondering what could happen after that. But overall, it was a good movie. It's a Thai film, by the way.

I had my blood extracted this morning and I was really scared. I almost threw up upon seeing the blood being taken away from me. After that, I returned back to sleep. I also watched Step Up 3 today. I haven't watched that movie not until today. I know, I was so late but hey, I just can't fit it into my hectic schedule. If you could just see my organizer, you'll be surprised with all the things that I need to accomplish.

Baby Lyle paid me a visit a while ago. He was with his mom, Lai. I missed them both. I haven't seen them for about a year, I guess. Lyle will be celebrating his second birthday on the 19th and he's going to have a celebration. How cool is that? Probably, it's going to be a mini reunion with college friends, as well. I can't wait to see them all.

I'm going back to work again tomorrow. Travelling from our house to the office and vice versa was really tiring. I might rent a house or something if my Dad permits me so. Tomorrow's going to be a not so good day for me. I know that, for sure. I don't know how to face tomorrow. Just wish me luck. I hope I won't feel depressed.


Margie said...

Dear Cez
Sending good thoughts to you!
I hope you are doing ok!

Take good care!

Margie x

Cez said...

Hey Margie! Thanks for always dropping by. Hope you're doing great. :)