Thursday, February 11, 2010

I’m back! I missed this, seriously. I have been hella out of the blogging world for quite sometime. I have been very busy with work. For the past weeks, I have been very tired, stressed, confused, frustrated and brain drained. We have dealing with a lot of issues in the office and I really had no idea on how to handle it. Ever since New Year started, everything turned into a mess. We were given a lot of tasks to accomplish with no idea on what should be done first. It was really pain in the ass but luckily, my friend and I were able to get through it. Aside from that, several issues came into the picture which made me think a lot. I was in the verge of making a decision between staying and leaving. It made me confused for how many weeks. All is settled according to them but I don’t know how true is that. But I hope it is something that will put smiles into our faces. We don’t want to stay here with a lot of questions in mind. We do hope everything will be settled and they won’t give us reasons to leave.

Anyway, just recently, we moved into our new office. I don’t know how to describe it and I also don’t know if it is better or worse than our former office. All I know is I’m happy that we were already out of that effin’ old office of ours. Everything is new here. I love my unit so much – 21-inch LCD monitor, Compaq and Windows 7. I’m enjoying it everyday.

Oh, by the way, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As usual, I have no date on that day. Know what, I was backreading some of my posts two days ago and my eyes laid on my February 14, 2009 post. I can’t help but smile because of the fact that all the things that are written on that post came straight from my heart. Oh well, how I wish I have a date on Sunday but too bad, I don’t have. But hey, post-Valentine day is a great idea too. But then again, who could be my date? But I guess, I will just stay in the house on that day to get some rest since office has been pain in the ass. And besides, the next day is Monday again which means, work again.

Well, I just hope everything will be fine so I won’t think of leaving them. My dad wants me to resign but I guess, I will be staying here until I am not happy anymore. So far, I’m enjoying working here, perhaps because I get along pretty well with my bosses and my co-workers. I just hope it’ll continue.

I need a break from everything. I want to go out of town for a week, pure pleasure so when I get back here, I am ready to face loads of stress again. :)) Just wish me luck guys. In case I had to leave this company, please pray that I’m gonna find one right away. Thank you.

“You keep giving me reasons to hate you.”