Saturday, February 28, 2009

You can’t say past is past when you know flashback exists.

I just came from a three-day retreat at Caleruega, Nasugbu, Batangas. It was enjoying and fun-filled. I realized a lot of things from that wonderful and unforgettable experience.

February 25, 2009
Day One

Our calltime was at 11:30am at the Catwalk where our buses were waiting for us. Together with us, were the MCSE-4B – another IT section. I arrived quite early in school but good thing, Joanne and I rode in the same train. We just stayed in the catwalk waiting for our ever dearest friends and batchmates. As they started to arrive, the entire area was filled with noise. Our Theo professor was there as well. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to join us because of a valid reason.

We occupied the first bus. It was so fun there though it was kinda hot. I was sitting beside Joanne and behind us were Cha and Eunice. All the girls had baon and the boys didn’t even bother to bring some. So, imagine, our bags were being raid. Good thing, we brought a lot. At the middle of the trip, we find ourselves asleep until we reached Batangas.

As we arrived there, we saw the troop of MCDBA and MCSD there waiting for our buses because they will use the buses on their way home. The place was really good. Actually, that was my second time. The first time I went there was last August 2008 with cousins.

We were oriented at first then we took our merienda. Of course, we started with picture taking. We headed to our rooms afterwards. My roommates were Joanne, Eunice, Kath and Cha. Fr. Boyd was our retreat master. Main Rule: Boys are not allowed in Girls’ room and vice versa. And yet, we broke the rule.

February 26, 2009
Day Two

I realized a lot during the second day of our retreat. It was really memorable and I don’t know how to explain how this day became so special to me. By the way, it was really cold there and I forgot to bring my jacket. Stupid me, of all the things that I can forget, why the jacket? Good thing, Ian was there. He let me used his though it was way bigger. I looked like a rapper.

We woke up a bit late. But still, we managed to make it to our breakfast. The continuation of our session was held at the picnic area of the place. We walked a little long and we even passed by the hanging bridge where we made fun of each other. The talk during that time was really inspiring. It was about friendship and knowing me, I am really attached to my friends, that I don’t know what to do without them.

At the end of the talk, Fr. Boyd gave us five papers with images of angels. We were asked to write letters to those papers and give it to our so-called angels. But I had a problem because I have more than five angels so I just tear the papers into pieces so I could distribute it to all my angels. I was deeply touched when I received papers from those people whom I never thought would consider me as one of their angels.

We had our confession in the afternoon. I confessed all my sins and asked for forgiveness. It felt good, really. After that, I was able to bond with Carla, Ian and Rex by having a pictorial session in one of the best but secret places in Caleruega.

My favorite part of the retreat was the Affirmation Session during night time. We were asked to form a big circle and count 1 and 2. All 1s were asked to sit on the chairs while the rest were asked to stand behind the persons seating. For those who were standing, they were asked to say something positive towards the persons in front by whispering into their ears. And after a minute, the circle will move until all those who were standing already said something positive to all those who were seating. After that, both groups exchanged places.

I was moved with all the positive things that my classmates said about me. I was also moved with all those things said by my friends. I even made one of my friends cried. Yeah, and take note, he is a guy. Actually, he is really close to me ever since first year. Our friendship was tested and luckily, we made it through. I consider him as my Super Friend. I don’t know, perhaps, he was touched with what I’ve said about him. I love him to bits.

The next activity was a part of the Affirmation Session. We formed a big circle and we were given pieces of paper where we wrote our name. It will be passed from one person to another and write something positive about the person. This was the time I burst into tears. During the time that I was reading all the comments and messages on my paper, I can’t help but cry. I was extremely touched most especially with Ian’s message. I really didn’t expect that.

After the session, I really cried. They all came to console me. I don’t know, it is just that my tears easily fall when it comes to those kinds of things. They kept telling me to stop crying but I really can’t. Too bad, it rained; we were not able to experience the bonfire activity. That’s why we were asked to go to our rooms earlier.

The boys invaded our room. We bonded like hell. We talked, laughed and ate our remaining foods together. Picture taking was present as usual. We were all loud but there were moments of silence especially if we heard a knock from our door. We were worried that our professor will check the rooms and eventually get busted. When the rain stopped, we all went out. It was really cold, as in. We were supposed to ghost hunt but it was close to 11pm pm then. Lights Off eh. We all went to our respective rooms.

February 27, 2009
Day Three

It was the last day of our retreat. We had a mass. It was heart-warming because after the mass, we were given the chance to hug each other. I haven’t hugged anyone yet but I felt the tears running down my face. Arg. Crybaby. Hahaha :) We hugged each other as tight as we can. It felt really good. I hugged Rex twice. Ian, Rex, Niko and Marco are really the best guys. They are my SUPERMEN.

We had picture taking before we took our lunch. We had pictures with some of the beautiful spots there. We left Caleruega afterwards.

As I left Caleruega, I made a lot of realizations. It really feels good knowing that people around you appreciate you for who you are. It is indeed touching to know that they are thankful for having somebody like you around. Words really can’t explain how grateful I am for having them in my life. This retreat is really special to me and the best one among other retreats I had in the past. This was the most exciting and enjoying. Questions were finally answered. All the issues have been settled. I just don’t want to detail but everything is perfectly fine. Thank God for this wonderful and one of a kind experience.