Saturday, February 14, 2009

The worst thing is holding on to someone who doesn't want to be held on to.

This day is somewhat special to most people, couples to be exact. You can see flowers, balloons, bears and any red items everywhere. You can also see couples walking holding hands, hugging or some kissing in public. Today is the day that they celebrate what we call Valentine's Day. This is also the day that couples or even the entire family go out, celebrate this special day together by dating or eating in a classy restaurant.

I haven't been celebrating Valentine's Day with a significant other for 19 years. You may ask me why. It is because I never had one. Yeah, you may call me a late bloomer or so what, it is just that I feel I'm not yet ready for a relationship. Know what, I have this huge fear of getting hurt by someone I love the most. Another factor is that my parents are just so strict that they would used to say that they will allow me to have a boyfriend once I finish college. Another thing is the experiences of my friends which some are worst than ever.

Valentine's Day is not really a big deal to me ever since. It didn't disappoint me either for the past years. But today is really different. I don't know why this day is totally different from how ordinary Valentine's Day to me during the past years.

I went to SM San Lazaro this afternoon all by myself because I have my own agenda there. The pictures for my OJT documentation are needed to be printed because the deadline is on Monday and I have to drop by National Book Store because I need to buy a refill for my clearbook. While I was on the jeepney, it rained quite hard and I didn't have an umbrella with me. A couple together with a cute baby rode the same jeep. I was just busy looking outside hoping that the rain would stop right away but it didn't. Imagine, I had to walk and I was all wet because of that 'effin rain.

I entered the mall and not surprised enough to see a lot of people there, shopping and dating. I could see couples everywhere and most girls were holding bouquet of flowers, teddy bears and some were wearing red shirts. Then I finally realized, today is Hearts Day. I hurriedly went to my first destination which was the Picture City. I had to wait 30 minutes before I could get the printed pictures so I strolled first, dropped by NBS and Data Max.

As I was strolling and walking, several couples passed me by. They were so happy and in love. Their hands were clasped together and guy's arm was wrapped around his girl's shoulders. And then something came to my mind. I asked myself as to when can I celebrate this day with a special someone beside me. I wondered why until now, I haven't found the guy I'm yearning for a long time. Every night, I used to pray that God would give me the guy I truly deserve, the one person who will love me, accept me for who I am, be proud of me, care and support me, and who will be with me no matter what.

As a young lady, I also feel the sense of desire to have a special guy with me whom I can share every dream I have in my mind. I would love to have someone who would look forward to the future with me. Now that I have been growing mature, it is the one thing that I would love to have in my life. I'm about to finish college in April and hoping to find a decent and good job real soon. And the only thing I'm asking right from this very moment (aside from good job and life) is to find that special guy who would fill the emptiness in me. I just hope and pray that on Valentine's 2010, I will be able to celebrate it with my significant other.

Yesterday, I was supposed to have a "date" with the boys (Ian, Niko, Marco and Rex). Actually, it wasn't really the plan. I received a group message from Ian that afternoon that he wanted to watch a movie entitled Push. I was so eager to leave the house yesterday and unwind. But then, no one replied to him except me. You know me, when it comes to hanging out, I would really reply no matter what. We exchanged messages and I must admit, I missed that. We used to that before. I told him to update me about the plan and all that.

I haven't received any text message coming from him so I thought the plan was cancelled. But then, I was so surprised about a text coming from him that they were in Off the Grill, somewhere in Timog Avenue. I asked him who were with him and replied Niko, Rex and Marco. I asked him why they didn't count me in. He even joked that I should go there too and that I should take the cab. We were just exchanging messages while they were drinking. Niko texted me too. I asked him to accompany me on my interview on Monday. I don't know if it is okay or not. Eventually, Ian called, let me scratch that, video called. I envy them. They were enjoying and having fun. Oh well, they assured me that there would be a night out for the entire Chillax Crew. It is already planned. So there.

By the way, please do pray that my very first job interview on Monday would be a great success. Please do pray that I would give my best shot and that I would answer all the questions with all confidence. May God bless me with the knowledge I need. Thank you so much! :)

Happy Hearts Day! Hope you enjoyed this day.