Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Misunderstanding the sweetness of a person might hurt you when you thought it was love.

A lot has happened to me since Monday. It was all fun, super bonding moments with friends. Those moments should have to be cherished because ever since this semester started, we barely do that. I’ll just give you the highlights.

Last Monday was my very first real job interview. I was really preparing the night before and I admit I was feeling nervous. I was anticipating all the questions that might be asked to me by the interviewer and thinking for the best answer that I could give. I was entertaining myself by singing so the nervousness I was feeling would vanish.

I woke up early to prepare for my interview. Luckily, Niko agreed to accompany me to where my interview will be held. We met at Tayuman station. He was there already and was just waiting for me. At Gil Puyat, we rode a bus going to Ayala. It was traffic that time so imagine, I was really worried because I know I will be late and I wasn’t wrong, I was late but then, it seemed that it was no big deal for them. Niko and I walked from Tropical Hut to Medical Plaza Building, right beside/behind Makati Medical Center. We took the elevator going to the eleventh floor.

As we arrived, I was asked to log on and then I was given the application form together with another sheet of paper where I was asked to write an essay about myself which includes family and educational background, interests, achievements, plans and my strengths and weaknesses. Afterwhich, I was asked to wait for a little while. I stayed beside Niko waiting in the couch. Until I was called by the interviewer named Sophia, the same person who called me thru cellphone. I was so glad because I wasn’t really nervous at all. And I feel that I did a great job by answering all the questions with full confidence. I was just quite surprised when she asked me to define respect. I really didn’t see it coming.

Unfortunately, the only position open for hiring is Bank Teller and I directly told her that it is not the job I want. Of course, I want an IT-related job where I could apply what I have learned in school. She kept on persuading and encouraging me to accept the offer but I told her that I might consider it if I couldn’t find a job in the future. I know it sounds absurd but I was just being honest. She told me that I fit for the position in relation to my skills and characteristics. I guess, I did great in the interview. But then again, she assured me that she will forward my resume to the IT department of some companies and I just have to wait for the call. Thanks for those who prayed for the success of my interview. :)

Last Tuesday was Gian’s 20th Birthday. He’s not a teenager anymore. He treated us for pizza where he paid half of the amount and we just shared for the other half. Thanks to JL’s palmcard that enabled us to get four boxes of pizzas though we ordered only two. Pizza Hut is really the best. Their pizzas are just world class. It was super fun though it was all hot in the canteen. We were joking, laughing and fooling around. The continuation of Gian’s birthday celebration will be on Friday but I still don’t know if I can come or not. Just today, I have asked for my dad’s permission if I can stay overnight at Rex’s crib and I’m still waiting for his reply. Hopefully, I will receive a positive one. I just wish that those who are unsure can make it.

Today is the IT’s Job Fair which we didn’t feel at all. The first half of the day was spent in the Mabini Hall listening for the talk or rather endorsement made by the representatives of the companies invited to come over. Five companies were invited but only three came. Too bad ePLDT and iPlus weren’t able to make it. I can say that it was good and should continue. I’ve got a crush on Microsoft’s representative because he’s just so good looking. As a matter of fact, he looks like Chris Tiu though his eyes are not as chinky as Chris’s. He is a good speaker. I even got a picture with him and the rest of the speakers and professors. Yeah, I’m kinda lucky.

Chillax Crew took our lunch at tapahan right in front of Letran. It was fun there. I missed our bonding, super. We did nothing but to laugh and joked on each other while eating. Finally, I was able to taste my free Selecta Creations Double Dutch Family Pack courtesy of Ian. Thank you so much Ian. I really didn’t expect that he would buy an ice cream for me thinking that it is not as cheap as I imagined. Of course, I shared it to my friends. I so love that flavor. It is really my favorite.

After having our lunch, we just stayed in the computer laboratory and did nothing but to just make fun of ourselves. It was really a great pleasure being with friends. They ease away all the problems and all those stuff that bother you. Being with them is such an extraordinary feeling. I’m surely going to miss this kind of bonding once we enter the corporate world. But no, I won’t let this group to just break away just like that. We need monthly lunch or dinner so we could catch up with each other. I just love them so dearly.