Friday, February 6, 2009

Don't cry for a guy, let a guy cry for you. 'Cause girls give and forgive but guys get and forget. ~Brooke Davis

Its been a while since I had my last post and I must admit, I really missed this thing. You know, ever since my freshman year, I have been so attached to this online journal. I used to share all my feelings and emotions here. It's like a best friend. Anyway, a lot has happened since last week up to this week, not only to me but also to my friends.

After our Bataan trip, of course, we went back to what we normally do - attending classes and studying. But then, it wasn't about studying at all 'cause some professors didn't discuss and some were absent. As a matter of fact, only our Free Elective professor was hardworking enough to teach and discuss. We can't blame him since his subject is more of a programming one. I admit, I really need that.

Saturday and Sunday were like any ordinary days for me. I stayed in the house, watched television, surfed the internet, ate and slept. Routines that we used to do if we have boring days. Good thing, last Sunday, I went out together with my mom, aunt and cousin. My mom bought me a bag.

Last Monday, we didn't have a class because our professor was absent. Actually, the week that passed, he was absent and we didn't know why. I met up with Joanne at SM Manila 'cause I bought something at Watsons. We strolled and window shopped until Kel and Rey arrived. We decided to stay and sing at Popstar. Then, we strolled again in which Joanne and I were forced to buy the shirts at Surplus Shop. Why? Those were original Marc Ecko shirts but being sold at a very cheap price. We had no choice but buy it. I so love the pink shirt I bought.

I also texted Niko that day to inform him that we were all required to attend the Career Orientation the next day. I was too shocked when he replied that he couldn't make it because he was sick. Since Saturday, he was experiencing high fever and he even used to vomit.

Tuesday came and we attended a Career Orientation. We were all required to attend and it was scheduled at 9am. It was a good one. After that, we still attended our Free Elective class in which we were given an unexpected quiz because our professor got mad on us. Most students were so noisy that triggered his mood. Oh well. No one got it right. At least, I wasn't alone.

Wednesday was like another free day. No professor means no class. I met up with Joanne, Rey, Kel and Gian at Letran. We stayed at the IIT for quite a long time. We were just talking and chatting. Sir Armin was there as well. We dropped by SM Manila after that to eat and stroll again.

Arriba Job Fair was scheduled last Thursday and it was fun. I went to school at 11am. I was with Eunice, JL, Ian and Rex. We were all busy passing resume and filling out some papers. Good thing, many companies went there and participated. We all know that there is global meltdown, but hopefully we could still find a decent job once we graduate. It was tiring.

Niko texted me, asking me how was everything. He was, by the way, confined to the hospital due to Dengue Fever. Good thing, he was recovering. We exchanged messages for quite a while.

I had bonding moment with some of my friends as we sang and had fun at Karaoke Hub. The room was too small for us but we forced ourselves to fit in. Just imagine that. We were like confined in a can of sardines. Anyway, it was so much fun though I felt sleepy due to lack of sleep. After that, we strolled then decided to go home.

I texted them to text Niko since he needs our support. I was so sad to know that only few texted him and it seems that they are not concern about our friend's condition. I don't know but I am really not happy with the way they acted. As if, he is just a stranger or whatsoever. But he isn't. He is a friend, part of the crew. I just don't want to make a big fuss out of it. It's their conscience that will eat them.

Today is Cha's 7th Birthday but we will be celebrating it tomorrow. And today also, I find out that Niko is about to get out of the hospital tomorrow but he still needs to rest because his liver is swelling. I hope he'll get well pretty soon.