Monday, April 10, 2006

Our Bagiuo Trip

i'm back after a two-day vacation. my family and other relatives went to BAGUIO, the summer capital of the philippines last saturday and stayed there till sunday. it was a great experience and we really enjoyed the place. well, un naman ung goal namin eh, to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of baguio of course.

we left manila last saturday at about 3:3oam [sobrang aga!!!] and after a long byahe, we arrived there at 8:ooam. the ZIGZAG ROAD was really enjoying. ang cute xe eh. hehe. =D pag dating namin dun, we went directly to the BURNHAM PARK, one of the famous tourist spots on that place.

while we wre waiting for my cousin, we went on BOATING. =P though may pagka--scary ng onti, i still enjoyed that one. first timer eh. =D

after nun, we went to the CONDO na. hehe. =p no fees sa condo noh. =D basta. free lang xa kaya un, less gastos. =D inaantay pa namin ung mga adults xe nag=market sila eh. pag dating nila, tulog kaming lahat. haha. =D kaya un, they cooked our lunch na which was SINIGANG, GULAY, TILAPIA and LECHON. [sosyal!!! =D]

after a long rest, xmpre, todo-pasyal na kami. at xmpre, di mawawala ung picture taking. haha. =D we went to the MINES VIEW PARK na mejo malayo. =D nadaanan namin ung TEAHER'S CAMP tsaka ung THE MANSION. =p dun sa may, MINES VIEW, dami kong pics dun lalu na dun sa horse with pink hair. haha. =D

next, we went to the BOTANICAL GARDEN. ang beautiful ng mga flowers dun. sobra. =D tas, i bought pasalubong to THINE ICED. =p keychain xa. liit lang eh but i hope magustuhan nila. =D

tas, punta naman kami SM BAGUIO to eat our merienda at SHAKEY'S. andun xe si KUYA JOJO [my cousin] which is one of the managers. basta. =D dami foods. hehe. =D tsaka sarap nung NACHOS courtesy of TIA MARIA'S. hehe. =D

after that long tiring day [saturday], rest na kaming lahat. SUNDAY was another busy day for us. we woke up early coz we will be going to attend mass xe nga PALM SUNDAY un. =D kaya lang, na-late kami. hehe. =D dun kami sa may BAGUIO CATHEDRAL. =p

after nun, we went to LA TRINIDAD VALLEY slash STRAWBERRY FARM. wow!!! dami strawberries dun [of course!!!] punta talaga kami dun sa mismong farm. then, we bought some pasalubong there and souvenirs. =p my dad bought me a native bag and my mom bought me a pair of slippers. tas, some of us went to the market again. sayang, we didn't have the chance to visit the GROTTO.

anywei, kain na kami lunch dun sa may ihawan near burnham park. tas, we went home na. watta great and nice experience for me. i really do say that i enjoy the trip and everything there. i hope, makapunta uli ako dun. hehe. =D

next destination: CAVITE ; CEBU [???]

here are some pics or if u want to see all the pics, just click this link: CEZ

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