Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Easter Sunday today and i woke up early to attend the mass with my family. =D after the mass, nag- 7/11 kami for a while and went directly to SM SAN LAZARO. =p haha. bonding time again.

sa SM, xmpre, diretso department store kami. xe the plan tlaga was to buy shorts for my brother. he chose something form HARVARD JEANS which was so expensive. haha. =D but then, we bought it pa din. then, my dad too, bought two shorts. ako naman, shades. haha. =D [addict???]

after that, we went home and ate our lunch at grandma's house. then, after resting, we went to DIVI naman. =D gosh, sobrang init. grrrr. =/ i think, masusunog ang skin ko. haha. =D but then, di naman.

short post muna ako. happy din pala ako dahil nagparamdam na rin at last ang mga HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS ko na sina MAMAY at LACEWAN. =D missyou guys.

THINE ICED ~ miss ko na kau. =p text naman kau. haha.
IT1E ~ hope to see you soon. missyou all. =D

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